I`m so excited to have you here, and thank you for visiting this page ! ❤️

About me

I am a passionate & creative photographer, always aiming to capture the soul & the beauty of the people I photograph. I am currently based in Cluj, a really nice city in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. I LOVE to travel, so I am open & very enthusiastic when it comes to destination weddings & photo shoots anywhere in the world.

I work together with my husband, Rareș- a very talented and dedicated videographer. He is truly the rock that I lean on, the person that brings me peace & equilibrium. We have a daughter, Irina, who means the world to us- she has brought so much joy & love into our lives, it is difficult to express it in words!

My vision

One of my greatest talents is to show my clients how unique & beautiful they are, through my photos. My super power is making people feel good & natural in front of the camera- I love it when others bloom & shine while I photograph them! When I succeed not just to photograph different faces, but deep emotions & unique moments in time, that is something truly satisfying for me!

My core values

I value love & compassion more than anything in the world. I believe in the power of love to change people for the better, to uplift & to heal even the deepest wounds. Call me a sentimental, but whenever I see authentic love expressed, it touches my heart & makes me feel alive.

I also believe in integrity & having my clients` best interest at heart. I think that, ideally, an awesome photographer (or any other professional for that matter) has to strive to be an awesome human being as well. I truly respect people who manage to stay humble & modest, especially after they have reached a certain level of success.

I also value true & clear communication- this is such an extraordinary way to solve any misunderstanding in life! 

How it started

Back in high school, I used to take my dad`s camera and photograph everything with it. And I really mean, EVERYTHING! All the small details I found on the streets or at home, landscapes, people. Soon, I realized I had fallen in love with photography! My heart was longing for artistic expression, so I went to Art University to follow my passion. Gradually, I realized I loved photographing people the most, and that I wanted my photos to be beautiful, full of love & light, so in 2011 I started photographing weddings. Years later, my passion for photography keeps growing & expanding. As time goes by, I feel more & more in tune with my creativity, expressing it whenever I get the chance to photograph something beautiful & meaningful!

Random facts about me

Apart from photography, I am deeply passionate about life itself. I don`t get bored. Here`s some random things about my personality, what I love & some of my dreams and aspirations (I have a pretty long list...).

  • I love to travel- seeing new places gives me a feeling of fulfillment & meaning. As I am a very curious person, travelling satisfies the part of me that always wants to see & know more than what I am used to. Some places I dream of visiting- Chile, Argentina, Peru, California, Wadi Rum desert, Mongolia, Japan, Ireland & Scotland, Finland, New Zealand, Mexico and the list could go on. Also, I dream of walking the Camino of Santiago. My favorite destination so far is Italy- I`ve been there at least 15 times, it feels like home and I always love to return!
  • I am a foodie - I actually believe good food brings more joy to life. I enjoy cooking and I love sushi and Italian food.
  • I love to sing (well, before I became a photographer, I wanted to be a singer. Who knows what the future holds in store for me?)
  • I love kids- they are my favourite human beings. Their purity, love & natural way of being always touches my heart;
  • Irina, my daughter, has transformed & shaped my life in ways I couldn`t have imagined- her birth felt like a rebirth for me. Becoming a mother reminded me of long forgotten or postoponed dreams & aspirations of mine. This includes dedicating myself to photography more than ever before- this is my way of expressing my creativity and bringing much needed beauty & love into this world.
  • I love animals & pets, especially horses & dogs. I dream of learning to ride a horse one day!
  • I`m a huge fan of studying personality types, I think it`s so much fun! (this is for all of you out there who know what I`m talking about) - I`m a Capricorn | Enneagram type 4w3 | INFP/ENFP | Reflector . Although I love personality types, I believe we human beings are too complex to be categorized and no system is vast enough to define what we truly are.
  • Following my heart`s calling & overcoming my fears and limitations brings me great aliveness and satisfaction.
  • If it were possible, I`d love to time travel! And also, to have an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter`s :)
  • My favorite writer is Isabel Allende. "The House of the Spirits" is the book that I love most..
  • A few of my favorite movies- Forrest Gump, The Last Samurai, The Departed, The Devil Wears Prada, Revolver, Lord of the Rings, Friends, Soul Kitchen, Inception, The Edge of Tomorrow, Dune, Interstellar, The Arrival, The Green Mile, A Man from UNCLE.
  • My favorite animated movie is Coco.
  • I have a very good memory of facts about people. I remember people`s life stories effortlessly and I believe there is so much to learn from other people`s experiences!
  • Going out in nature is what recharges my batteries. I love forests, green mountains, clear waters and the smell of the sea & of birch and pine forests.
  • One of my dreams is to learn Spanish- I love the way it sounds and I think it`s a beautiful language!
  • Last but not least, I`m a sentimental. I often cry at movies (especially when there`s a happy ending). I always get emotional at weddings!

So, that`s a little bit about me. I`d love to know about you! Tell me your story here

With love,