"Thank you for these heart melting memories ! You succeeded to capture all our emotions, we are forever grateful!"

Alexandra & Victor 

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I love to create high-end artistic images & to offer my clients amazing photographic experiences.

Mainly, I photograph weddings & engagements, but I also book portrait/beauty photo shoots, family & maternity sessions & christenings, when I am available.

I also do commercial work for some brands whose values and work I love- Imolacy, Wolfpack Digital & Delicii Sanatoase, just to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your photography style?

Natural, filled with light and color (I do love color), with an emphasis on beauty, emotion and fine details. My photos showcase a blend of love, uniqueness, free-spirit & style.

What are your super-powers as a photographer and what makes you unique?

I have quite a few super powers! First of all, I am highly creative - this implies that I love to offer my clients exquisite images that also reflect their style and personality. Following the same recipe is not for me- although I do have a personal style, I also love to capture the spirit & uniqueness of the ones being photographed in my images. Another super power is my warm presence, which makes my clients feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. I`ve been told many times- my clients felt like they had known me forever, when we had only just met that day. Another one of my super powers is my dedication to see my clients happy! I won`t lie to you- I have made some mistakes in the last 11 years- this determined me to constantly improve & make my customers` satisfaction my top priority! I love to share things based on my experience, helping my clients in any way I can- even if it isn`t always photography related.

Do you travel for weddings, photo shoots or other events?

Yes, I love to travel. I am a creative soul and new places inspire me and bring magic to my work as a photographer.

Do you work with a videographer?

Yes, I mainly work with my husband, Rares & his team (Cinerava-check out some videos here ). We are all so dedicated to offering the best client experience possible, as well as high-end photos & videos that our clients will enjoy for decades to come. In case they are booked, I can also provide my clients with other high quality videography options.

Which are some of your favourite destinations and which are some of your dream destinations, where you`d love to go & take photos?

Some of my favourite destinations are Italy (the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre), Vienna, Budapest & Greece (I love Greece in general and have a soft spot for Corfu Island & Skiathos).

Also, if you take me to a castle, just about anywhere, I`m so happy! I definitely love the châteaus in France, Villa Astor in Sorrento, Villa Balbiano and Villa Cimbrone in Ravello- I would be more than thrilled to photograph a wedding there!

Some other dream destinations are Paris, Loire Valley, Scotland, California, Chile, Argentina, Hawaii, Mexico, Mallorca, Santorini, Tuscany.

In Romania, I absolutely dream of a wedding at Cantacuzino Castle.

Do you offer wedding albums? And what do they look like?

Yes, I do. I believe printed albums & photos have a timeless vibe to them and are such a great memory to cherish over the years! Here`s a glimpse of what the albums look like!

I am not photogenic and I don`t know how to pose. Can you help me with that?

To tell you the truth, 90% of the people I photograph tell me this. I will guide you through the whole process and I promise you, you`ll discover this isn`t true- you are beautiful, you are radiant and you surely know how to pose! No matter how you see yourself (almost every one of us, especially women, are highly critical of the way they look in photos). But rest assured, you are photogenic if the right person is taking the picture!

How do we find the right photographer for our event/photo shoot?

Mainly, I emphasize that communication is key- finding someone you are compatible with, who understands your needs and cares about them. Yes, portfolio is very important- I recommend you see whole wedding galleries, with photos from different moments of the event. Apart from portfolio, do you like the person behind the camera? Is she or he someone you love to hang out with? Does communication flow? These are key elements when you book your photographer or other services. If you can, meet the person, live or through a call, and see if he or she is the right person for you.

What if it rains on our wedding day? Will the photos be great?

I get this question a lot. Actually, to tell you the truth, I like rain. It gives photos a moody vibe which I love. I know that, as a bride, you imagine your wedding day with perfect sunny weather. But, we really can`t control the weather. Will you let the weather ruin your wedding day? I often tell my future brides & grooms how important it is to truly enjoy & be happy on their wedding day. Set your mind & make celebrating your love the top priority- everything else comes second!

Do you have extra costs when travelling for a wedding or event?

Usually, yes- travel & accommodation costs.

We`d love to work with you on our wedding day! What are the next steps?

We`ll sign a contract & you`ll pay an advance fee (depending on the contract, 20 to 30% of the contract`s value).

Will we have to pay the contract`s whole amount at once?

No, usually, the sum is divided in 2-4 installments.

Do you recommend a pre-wedding session or an after wedding session?

Yes, I definitely recommend both! A pre-wedding session is the perfect occasion to hang out with your photographer & get used to posing & being in front of the camera. An after wedding photo session is the ideal occasion to go somewhere you love (in case you don`t have a destination wedding) and have amazing, spectacular shots, with no time pressure.

So you only work on weekends, right?

Actually, no. Apart from the glamorous side you see in photos, I spend a lot of hours on week days retouching photos.

How long does it take until we receive our wedding photos?

After the wedding, you get a wedding teaser of 30-50 images. You can download the photos & share them with your loved ones.

Then, it takes 1 to 3 months until you receive all your photos. All the images are uploaded to a gallery which is available for at least 1 year after the wedding.

What photo camera do you use?

SONY A7 RIII and I`m very happy with it! In the near future, I`d really love to shoot on film- I`m now looking for the most suitable camera.

What is your favourite lens?

I admit, my favourite lens is the 50mm 1.4. I know a lot of photographers love the 35 mm, but for me, the 50mm is my first and everlasting love. The 85mm is also a favourite.

Some of your favourite photographers and visual artists?

Constantin Brancusi, Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, Auguste Renoir, Vincent Van Gogh, Annie Leibovitz, Rembrandt, Jose Villa, Corbin Gurkin, Greg Finck, just to name a very few.

Do you recommend hiring a wedding planner to organize our event?

Yes, I definitely do! A good wedding planner will take a lot of weight off your shoulders! Make sure to hire someone with experience, good reviews or recommended by someone you trust!

If you want to ask me any other questions or would like to inquire, feel free to contact me!


" THANK YOU to all of you for your marvelous work. Our wedding day was perfect and not only because of your professionalism (you all achieve perfection) but for your kindness and the love you put in your work. We really feel you like friends, being with us and helping us to have a really memorable wedding. Beyond the beauty, the details, or the technical things it is you all personally who makes the day invaluable. I know that every couple that you work with feel the same, but is important for us to express to you our gratitude, our wedding is by now the best day in our lives ever and you are the core of this feeling. "

Raquel & Diego

"There aren’t enough words to describe our experience with Luciana and Rares. They have managed to capture all of our special moments and emotions into magical shots which now offer us the chance to remember and replay them with joy and nostalgia.

Luciana and Rares are beautiful people who have a unique place in our hearts and have become true friends. No need to mention their high professionalism and quality of work. They truly enjoy what they do and give all their best to make sure that everyone is comfortable and enjoying the experience. Thank you for being present on all our special days and always putting a smile on our face."

Andreea & Lorin

"One of the best decisions we made about our wedding was to choose Luciana as our photographer. She contacted us before the event to establish all the necessary details, and that meeting quickly turned into something much more useful for us. Luciana understood exactly what we wanted, namely an intimate, relaxed and outdoor event, and she helped us a lot with her organisation skills, not only in terms of the wedding photo session. The communication was excellent, the pictures are great and she is a very warm person!"

Ana & Mihai

"Choosing Luciana & Rares was the best choice for us! That's because in addition to being very talented and professional, they are two beautiful, warm, empathetic people who are passionate about what they do. They managed to immortalize our love and emotions - they gave us the space to be ourselves, without making us feel embarrassed. More than that, they rejoiced from the bottom of their hearts for our happiness. The experience with them ended, for the moment, with a warm hug and sincere wishes - in addition to the beautiful photos & videos they made, we also made two dear friends. We truly thank them for the chance they gave us- to relive through photos, emotions and moods that we felt on our wedding day"

Simina & Andrei

"Thank you so much for the professionalism you show! You guided us step by step towards the perfect event and caught our raw emotions on camera! Did you know that through your passion for photography, you managed to make all photos of our wedding our favorite photos? Thank you very much, Luciana, for the wonderful memories you created for us!"

Carmen & Alex

"We gladly go back to Luciana and Rares on every occasion: wedding, baptisms, family photoshoots... We are always satisfied with the entire experience: the photo shoots are relaxed for our whole family ( adults, baby, dogs, cat) and the results are great! Therefore, our memories are beautifully collected in awesome photos and videos.

Roxana & Adi